The peregrine falcon is critically endangered raptor species and its wild population is in our nature limited. As the reason could be considered the fact, that our country doesn’t brim over with natural rocky areas, which are commonly used for nesting. Nowadays is very obvious, that the peregrines are attracted also to the cities, because of the abundantly present urban pigeons, the favourite pray of peregrine falcon. The experiences from many world metropolitan cities are showing, that it is possible- when the safe and stable nesting conditions are provided- to support successful nesting straight in the cities. This is reasonably efficient possibility, how peregrine falcon population could be increased and stabilized and how to help with the protection of species as a whole. 


Falcons do not build their own nests – they typically use old nests of other bird species (e.g. ravens) or lay eggs on the cliffs . They also readily accept artificial nests – in the form of the nest pads or nest boxes. By placing the bird boxes on the highrises in the urban or industrial surroundings, we are able to provide for peregrines safe and attractive supply of nests. The combination with the rich source of food gives a real chance, they will successfully nest in the area. 

Our activities 

  • Monitoring of all suitable areas
  • Intense monitoring of the nesting couples
  • Monitoring of the wintering popullation
  • Installations of the bird boxes on the suitable objects
  • Negotiation with the objects owners
  • Other ad- hoc rescue actions
  • Popularization

Our team

Dusan Rak

Prague Peregrines project coordinator
breeding monitoring of the species in Prague
relationship with the facility owners
popularization, education, medialisation
project web and facebook admin


RNDr. Lubomir Peske

Telemetry and raptor research Expert
Long -term research of falcons in Prague
Monitoring technologies
Telemetry and bird marking
Popularization, education